2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting well attended by UConn Department of Marine Sciences

Almost 30 members of the Department of Marine Sciences attended the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon last month. The weeklong conference (February 11-16, 2018) brought together close to 4,000 attendees and covered all topics of oceanography, and other related fields. Many graduate students presented posters and gave oral presentations throughout the week. Professors, post-docs, and research staff presented their work as well. A handful also attended the 4th US Ocean Acidification PI Meeting held the days following the conference.

  • Byrd OSM2018
    Allison Byrd during her oral presentation.
  • Yeh OSM2018
    Heidi Yeh with her poster about the diets of copepods.
  • Staniec OSM2018
    Allison Staniec standing at the podium for her oral presentation.
  • Siedlecki OSM2018
    Samantha Siedlecki, UConn (left) and Janet Nye, Stony Brook (right).
  • Questel and DeHart OSM2018
    Jennifer Questel (left) and Hayley DeHart (right) presenting and enjoying the poster session.
  • Passacantando OSM2018
    Mollie Passacantando participated in the UConn Marine Sciences NSF REU last summer with Dr. Ann Bucklin
  • James and Cross OSM2018
    Molly James (left) and Emma Cross (right) enjoying a coffee break.
  • Hinckley OSM2018
    Undergraduate student Jessica Hinckley standing with her poster on the chemistry of Long Island Sound.
  • Cross OSM2018
    Nina Bednarsek, NOAA (left) and Emma Cross, UConn (right)


Following are those who attended:

Allison Byrd, graduate student

Steven Deignan-Schmidt, graduate student

Michelle Fogarty, graduate student

Jessica Hinckley, undergraduate student

Molly James, graduate student

Yan Jia, graduate student

Christopher Murray, graduate student

Veronica Rollinson, graduate student

Allison Staniec, graduate student

Qiang Sun (1) (2), graduate student

Heidi Yeh, graduate student


Alejandro Cifuentes-Lorenzen, postdoctoral research associate

Emma Cross, postdoctoral research associate

Hayley DeHart, research technician

Lindsey Potts, research technician

Jennifer Questel, postdoctoral research associate

Brandon Russell, former postdoctoral research associate

Peter L Ruffino, research technician

Sydney Twarz, research technician

Holly Westbrook, research technician


Hannes Baumann (1) (2) (3), assistant professor

Ann Bucklin, professor

Hans Dam, professor

James Edson, professor emeritus

Melanie Fewings, assistant professor

Julie Granger, associate professor

Edward Monahan, professor emeritus

Samantha Siedlecki, assistant professor

Penny Vlahos, associate professor

Michael Whitney, associate professor