Month: January 2016

Activity on Seafloor Linked to Icy Ebb and Flow on Surface

UConn marine scientist David Lund and his colleagues studied hydrothermal activity along the mid-ocean ridge system – the longest mountain range in the world, which extends some 37,000 miles along the ocean floor and found a link between hydrothermal activity and glacial cycles.

Flying Lab to Investigate Southern Ocean’s Appetite for Carbon

Marine Sciences faculty Dr. Heidi Dierssen and her postdoctoral researchers Dr. Shungudzemwoyo Garaba and Dr. Kaylan Randolph are involved in an interdisciplinary airborne mission of carbon dynamics in the Southern Ocean (the ORCAS mission).  Dr. Garaba is currently aboard the R/V Lawrence Gould stationed along the Antarctic Peninsula to provide ground truth measurements of the hyperspectral imagery from the NASA PRISM sensor.

ORCAS mission
Photo by Jonathan Bent