Former Graduate Students

Student (Last, first name) Degree Year Advisor Thesis title and link, if available
Altman, Safra MS 2003 Whitlatch, Robert Space Invaders: The Effect of Small-Scale Disturbance on Invasion Success in Marine Communities
Arias Esquivel, V. Alejandro MS 2006 Skoog, Annelie The effect of Oxygen Concentrations on Fluxes over the Sediment-Water Interface of Dissolved Organic Matter, Nutrients, Iron, and Manganese
Arias Esquivel, V. Alejandro PhD 2012 Skoog, Annelie Hydroxyl Radicals in Marine Sediments
Ariyarathna, Thivanka PhD 2016 Vlahos, Penny Sorption and Metabolism of Explosives in Sediment of Coastal Marine Ecosystems
Aurin, Dirk PhD 2010 Dierssen, Heidi Developing Ocean Color Remote Sensing Algorithms for Retrieving Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Parameters in the Optically Complex Waters of Long Island Sound
Ballentine, Mark PhD 2017 Tobias, Craig Coastal Ecosystem Processing of Nitrogen Rich High Explosives
Barber, Kimberly MS 2007 Auster, Peter Social Foraging Interactions In Coral Reef Fishes
Batoh, Christina PhD 2012 Dam, Hans Grazer-Induced Toxin Production in the Dinoflagellate Alexandrium fundyense: Cues, Merchanisms, and Cost
Batta Lona, Paola MS 2005 Lin, Senjie Isolation and Characterization of PCNA Gene from Emiliania huxleyi: Search for a Molecular Marker to Measure in situ Cell Division Rate
Batta Lona, Paola PhD 2014 Bucklin, Ann Environmental Genomics and Transcriptomics of Salpa thompsoni and Population Genetic Variation of Euphausia superba in the Southern Ocean
Bauman, Johanna MS 2000 Visscher, Pieter Stress Protein Production in Response To Environmental Stressors in the Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians
Baumgartner, Laura PhD 2006 Visscher, Pieter Diversity and Lithification in Microbial Mats and Stromatolites
Bean, John MS 2005 Torgersen, Thomas Effective Vertical Diffusivity in Shallow Lakes by an Enhanced Flux-gradient Method: The Dependence of Diffusivity on Density Gradient and an Example Application to Ecosystem Stability
Benoit, Janina MS 1990 Torgersen, Thomas Infaunal Fluid/Particle Transport in Marine Sediments: Models and Applications
Berger, Halle MS 2020 Matassa, Catherine and Siedlecki, Samantha A Regional Vulnerability Assessment for the Dungeness Crab (Metacarcinus magister) to Changing Ocean Conditions: Insights From Model Projections and Empirical Experiments
Boshers, Danielle MS 2017 Granger, Julie Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Nitrate Produced by Freshwater Nitrification
Bostrom, Kelley MS 2011 Dierssen, Heidi Testing the Limits of Hyperspectral Airborne Remote Sensing by Mapping Eelgrass in Elkhorn Slough
Branco, Alison PhD 2007 Kremer, James Empirical Methods for the Prediction of Optical Properties in Shallow Estuaries
Branco, Brett PhD 2007 Torgersen, Thomas Coupled Physical and Biogeochemical Dynamics in Shallow Aquatic Systems: Observations, Theory and Models
Brown, Laura MS 1992 Buck, John A Nutritional and Microbiological Study of Captive Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas)
Buonassissi, Christopher MS 2009 Dierssen, Heidi A Regional Comparison of Particle Size Distribution by Laser Diffraction
Burris, Zair PhD 2014 Dam, Hans Mating Dynamics of the Calanoid Copepods Acartia tonsa and Acartia hudsonica
Butler, Mari MS 1993 Dam, Hans Fecal Pellet Prodution Rates and Fecal Pellet Characteristics of the Copepod Acartia tonsa Under Simulated Bloom Conditions
Byrd, Allison MS 2019 Vlahos, Penny Tidally Resolved Carbon and Nutrient Exchange through Eastern Long Island Sound
Carlson, Annette MS 2022 Siedlecki, Samantha Quantifying Interannual Variability of Shelf Nutrients and Associated Hypoxia in St. Helena Bay with New Metrics and Tools
Chandler, Karen MS 1991 Cooper, Richard The Effects of Temperature on the Distribution of the American Lobster (Homarus americanus) on Outer Cape Cod
Chang, Nicole MS 2014 Tobias, Craig Nitrogen Isotope Dynamics of Anammox and Denitrification in Coastal Groundwater
Chen, Lihua PhD 2010 Dam, Hans A Molecular Approach to the Study of Saxitoxin Resistance in Copepods
Chen, Tzong-Yueh PhD 2012 Skoog, Annelie Abiotic Aggregation of Organic Matter in Aquatic Systems: Alteration of Chemical Characteristics and Implications
Cifuentes-Lorenzen, Alejandro PhD 2013 Edson, James The Wave Boundary Layer Over the Open Ocean and the Implications to Air-Sea Interaction
Colin, Sean PhD 2002 Dam, Hans Determination and Characterization of Resistance by Populations of the Copepod Acartia hudsonica to the Toxic Dinoflagellate Alexandrium sp.
Collins, Hannah MS 2022 Ward, J. Evan Examining the effects of nylon microfibers on the gut microbiome and gut tissues of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
Concannon,Callie MS 2020 Baumann, Hannes Whole Life-Cycle CO2 × Temperature Effects on Fecundity and Oocyte Recruitment in the Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia)
Conway, Davnet MS 1998 Roesler, Collin Fluorescent Optical Properties of Two Types of Organic Material in Two Estuaries
Cote, Melissa MS 2016 Lund, David The Driver of the Carbon Isotope Minima During the Last Deglaciation: A Weakened Biological Pump or Enhanced Southern Ocean Circulation?
Cournoyer, Benjamin MS 2013 Dam, Hans Can Acartia spp. Adapt to Climatic Warming? Heritable within-Population Genetic Variation in Life History Traits
Crockett, Lee MS 1989 Whitlatch, Robert Effects of Ealgrass, Zostera marina, on the Growth and Survival of the Hard Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria
Dabundo, Richard MS 2014 Granger, Julie Nitrogen Isotopes in the Measurement of N2-Fixation and the Estimation of Denitrification in the Global Ocean
Deangelo, Edward MS 1993 Torgersen, Thomas Quantification of Biologically Enhanced Porewater Transport During Hypoxia in Western Long Island Sound Sediments
Deignan-Schmidt, Steven PhD 2019 Whitney, Michael An Investigation into River Water Distribution, Island Influences, and Embayment Temperatures in Long Island Sound
deMayo, James PhD 2021 Dam, Hans Costs and Consequences of Adaptation to Combined Warming and Acidification for Two Estuarine Copepods
Desbonnet, Alan MS 1989 Whitlatch, Robert The Effect of Size, Density, and Growth Strategy on Survival of Juvenile Surf Clams, Spisula Solidissima (Dillwyn, 1817), with a Comparison to Mercenaria Mercenaria Amd Mya Arenaria Growth Strategies
Detlor, David MS 1998 Dam, Hans Uncoupled Production and Solubilization Of Particles From Dissolved Organic Matter
DiMento, Brian PhD 2017 Mason, Robert An Investigation of the Major Transformations and Loss Mechanisms of Mercury and Selenium in the Surface Ocean
Dixon, Mark MS 1994 Cooper, Richard Habitat Selection in Juvenile Tautog, Tautoga onitis, and Juvenile Cunner, Tautogolabrus adspersus
Doyle, John PhD 2014 Ward, J. Evan Ingestion, Depuration, and Potential Toxicity of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in the Blue Mussel, Mytilus edulis, and the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica
Drake, Patrick MS 2000 Bohlen, W. Frank A Comparison of Near-Bottom Reynolds Stress Measurement Techniques in a Highly Stratified Estuarine Flow
Drapeau, David MS 1993 Welsh, Barbara The Vertical Distribution of Bacterio-Plankton and its Possible Relationship to Summertime Oxygen Depletion in Western Long Island Sound
Eller, Kathryn MS 1991 Cooper, Richard Heart Tumors in the Ocean quahog, Arctica islandica, from the Northeast United States Continental Shelf: Southern New England to Norfolk Canyon
Eller, Kathryn PhD 1996 Crivello, Joseph Metallothionein mRNA and Protein Response to Arsenite in Juvenile Winter Flounder, Pleuronectes americanus
Elmoznino, Joanne PhD 2016 Vlahos, Penny Occurrence, Fate and Distribution Behaviors of Organic Contaminants, Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids and Phthalic Acid Esters, in Wastewater Effluent and the Housatonic River Estuary
Erikson, Kayla MS 2015 Bucklin,Ann A Time Series Investigation of the Cryptic Copepods Pseudocalanus spp. on the NW Atlantic Continental Shelf
Feeley, Michael MS 1993 Cooper, Richard The Distribution of Shell Disease and Analysis of Contaminant Loads in the Deep Sea Red Crab, Chaceon quinquedens, Along the Continental Slope of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States
Feinberg, Leah MS 1998 Dam, Hans Effects of Dietary Diversity On Fecal Pellet Characteristics Of The Copepod Acartia tonsa
Feinstein, Timothy MS 2007 Lin, Senjie
Ferland, Amy MS 2007 Auster, Peter
Finiguerra, Michael PhD 2013 Dam, Hans Determining the Role of a Novel Sodium Channel Mutation on Tolerance to Paralytic Shellfish Toxins in the Marine Copepod Acartia hudsonica
Flynn, Kayla MS 2016 Fewings, Melanie The Causes of Regional Sea-Surface Temperature Anomalies During Wind Relaxation Events Off the U.S. West Coast in Summer
Fogarty, Michelle PhD 2018 Fewings, Melanie Air-Sea Momentum, Heat, and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in Shallow Coastal Ecosystems
Ford, Michael MS 2000 Dam, Hans Use of Video Image Analysis to Quantify Particle Aggregation
Frank, Dana MS 2003 Ward, J. Evan Development of a Technique for Continuous Monitoring of Pallial Cavity Pressure and Valve Gape Using the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea Virginica (Gmelin, 1972)
Frank, Dana PhD 2010 Ward, J. Evan An Experimental Approach to Elucidate Functional Mechanisms of Control of the Bivalve Pump
Frese, Annette MS 1994 Whitlatch, Robert Effects of Resident Adult Ascidians on Larval Settlement and Post-Settlement Success
Fribance, Diane MS 2008 O’Donnell, James
Fribance, Diane PhD 2010 O’Donnell, James The Dynamical Circulation of a Partially Stratified, Frictional Estuary: Long Island Sound
Fuentes Figueroa, Zamara MS 2007 Visscher, Pieter
Fuller, Charlotte MS 1992 Whitlatch, Robert Effects of Porewater Hydrogen Sulfide on the Feeding Activity of the Subsurface Deposit-Feeding Polychaete, Clymenella Torquata, Leidy
Gallagher, Kimberley MS 2008 Visscher, Pieter
Gallagher, Kimberley PhD 2012 Visscher, Pieter The Roles of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Organomineralization and Microbialite Formation: Mechanisms of Mineral Precipitation
Gay, Peter PhD 2005 O’Donnell, James Salt Transport in Partially Mixed Estuaries
Gichuki, Susan PhD (Chem) 2013 Mason, Robert Chemical Processes Influencing Mercury Transformations And Atmospheric Fluxes In The Atmospheric Boundary Layer In Coastal Regions
Gladych, Rebecca MS 2015 Shumway, Sandra
Gosnell, Kathleen PhD 2016 Mason, Robert Uptake and Trophic Transfer for Mercury and Methylmercury at the Base of Marine Food Webs
Graham, Raymond MS 2021 Edson, James Investigation of the Moisture Budget Within the Tropics, Under the ITCZ
Grzywacz, Josiah MS 2021 McManus, George Quantum Efficiency (Fv/Fm) and Performance of Retained Plastids in an Oligotrich Mixotroph and Its Prey
Guardiani, Jenay MS 2013 Tobias, Craig Water Column Carbon Dynamics in the New River Estuary, NC
Haberlandt, Katharine MS 2007 McManus, George Strombidium stylifer, An Oligotrich Ciliate and Potential Food Source for Marine Larvae
Hacker-Gibson, Melissa MS 2012 Whitney, Michael Physical Processes that Affect Hypoxia in the Thames River Estuary, USA
Haley, Sheean MS 2002 Dam, Hans Toxin Dynamics in Populations of the Copepod Acartia hudsonica Resistant and Nonresistant to the Harmful Dinoflagellate, Alexandrium fundyense
Hamilton, John PhD 2005 Whitlatch, Robert A Coupled Hydrodynamic-Larval Transport Model for Assessing Source-Sink Recruitment Dynamics in Estuarine Habitats
Hammerschmidt, Chad PhD 2005 Fitzgerald, William The Biogeochemical Cycling of Methylmercury in Coastal Marine Sediments
Haska, Christina MS 2008 Lin, Senjie Assessing the Role of Bait Worm Packaging as a Potential Vector of Invasive Species to Long Island Sound
Hawkins, William MS 2023 Visscher, Pieter
He,Yipeng PhD 2023 Maon,Robert Air-sea Exchange of Mercury and its Species in the Coastal and Open Ocean
Haynes, Vena PhD 2020 Ward, J. Evan The Interactive Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Light on Coastal Planktonic Organisms
Heckman, Robert MS 2005 Bohlen, W. Frank
Hegaret, Helene MS 2007 Shumway, Sandra
Hegaret, Helene PhD 2008 Shumway, Sandra Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms on Physiological and Cellular Processes of Bivalve Molluscs
Heinonen, Kari Beth MS 2004 Ward, J. Evan Production of Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP) by Suspension-feeding Bivalves (Mollusca) and Tunicates (Chordata)
Hoeft, Shelley MS 1999 Visscher, Pieter Methyl Bromide Metabolism in Marine Bacteria
Holmes-Hackerd, Mathew MS 2022 Dam, Hans Naupliar Exposure to Acute Warming Shows no Carryover Ontogenetic Effects on Respiration Rates, Body Size, and Development Time of the Copepod Acartia tonsa
Hollweg, Terill MS 2009 Mason, Robert
Hollweg,Terill PhD 2010 Mason, Robert Mercury Cycling in Sediments of Chesapeake Bay and the Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf and Slope
Holt, Martin MS 1994 Whitlatch, Robert
Hou, Yubo PhD 2008 Lin, Senjie Isolation and Characterization of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen and the Small Subunit Ribosomal RNA Genes in Dinoflagellates: Insights into Dinoflagellate Genome Evolution
Houk, Adam MS 2007 O’Donnell, James Observations of the Spatial Structure of Turbulent Mixing in a River Plume Front
Ilia, Amin PhD 2021 O’Donnell, James Waves in Long Island Sound
Janiak, Dean MS 2009 Whitlatch,R obert Ecological Impacts of the Non-Native Grateloupia turutura (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) in Long Island Sound
Jia, Yan PhD 2019 Whitney, Michael A Study on Pathways of Major River Waters in Long Island Sound
Jiorle, Ralph MS 2009 Whitney, Michael Tidal Currents and Friction over Large Marine Sand Waves in Eastern Long Island Sound
Johnson, Ellen MS 2018 Vlahos, Penny
Johnson, Jacqueline MS 1993 Welsh, Barbara The Recycling of Inorganic Nutrients in the Upper Water Column During Seasonal Stratification in Western Long Island Sound
Jones, Lucas MS 2021 Baumann, Hannes Using Low-Coverage, Whole Genome Sequencing to Study Northern Sand Lance (Ammodytes dubius) Population Connectivity in the Northwest Atlantic
Jordan, Shannon MS 2024 Tobias, Craig Potential for Improved Eelgrass Restoration Success Through Manipulation of the Sediment Iron Cycle
Kach,Dustin MS 2009 Ward,J. Evan The Role of Marine Aggregates in the Ingestion of Picoplankton-Size Particles by Suspension-Feeding Molluscs
Kading, Tristan MS 2017 Lombardo, Kelly
Kim, Jonathan PhD 1987 Fitzgerald, William Volatilization and Efflux of Mercury from Biologically Productive Ocean Regions
Kroeger, Kevin MS 1997 Whitlatch, Robert Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Concentration as Factors Influencing the Secondary Production Rate of Nucula annulata in Long Islang Sound, USA
Kuo, Chiu-Yen MS 2008 Auster, Peter Variation in Planning Unit Size and Patterns of Fish Diversity: Implications for Design of Marine Protected Areas
Kuo, Chiu-Yen PhD 2012 Lin, Senjie Growth, Lipid Synthesis, and Bacterial Association of Eutreptiella sp. from Long Island Sound Characterized Using Ecological and Molecular Techniques
Lacerra, Matthew MS 2018 Lund, David Reduced Carbon Storage at Intermediate Depths in the Southwest Atlantic During HS1: Evidence for a Weaker Southern Ocean Biological Pump
Lake, John MS 1997 Lee, Douglas Diet Selectivity of Scup, Stenotomus chrysops, in Long Island Sound
Lamborg, Carl PhD 2003 Fitzgerald, William Mercury Speciation and Reactivity in the Coastal and Estuarine Waters of Long Island Sound
Lancaster, Diana MS 2014 Whitlatch, Robert Recruitment Patterns of the Fouling Community on Eelgrass in Long Island Sound
Leamon, John MS 1994 Powell, Mark Correlation Among Four Health Parameters in Natural Populations of the Estuarine Fish, Fundulus heteroclitus (L.)
Li, Binglin MS 2006 Ward, J. Evan Effects of Organic Matter from Suspension Feeders on Particle Aggregation
Li, Chunyan PhD 1996 O’Donnell, James Tidally Induced Residual Circulation in Estuaries with Cross Channel Bathymetry
Ling, Wei Jun MS 1990 Whitlatch, Robert Cellular and Humoral Responses of Resistant and Susceptible Oysters, Crassostrea virginica, to the Infection of Haplosporidium nelsoni (Msx)
Linhardt, Samantha MS 2022 Matassa, Catherine Local and Regional Variation in Recruitment Modifies Species Interactions and Community Dynamics on Gulf of Maine Rocky Shores
Loglisci, Caroline MS 2007 Dam, Hans
Lord, Joshua PhD 2014 Whitlatch, Robert Effect of Temperature Changes on Competitive and Predator-Prey Interactions in Coastal Epi-Benthic Communities
Lu, Mingzhi MS 1990 Monahan, Edward Distribution and Evolution of Sea Salt Aerosol in the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Lyons, Mary-Marguerite Maille PhD 2008 Ward, J. Evan The Role of Marine Aggregates in the Ecological Epidemiology of Quahog Parasite X (QPX) Disease of Northern Quahogs (=Hard Clams) Mercenaria mercenaria
Manalo, Cervinia MS 2007 Vlahos, Penny Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), DOM C/N and Nutrient Distributions in Western Long Island Sound in Spring and Summer, 2005
Mason, Robert PhD 1991 Fitzgerald, William The Chemistry of Mercury in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Mathuri, Michael MS 2023 Granger, Julie Physiological Mechanism of Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation During Ammonium Assimilation by Marine Phytoplankton
Maung, Emily MS 2010 Whitlatch, Robert Hypoxia and Benthic Invertebrate Communities of Western Long Island Sound
Mazrui, Nashaat PhD (Chem) 2016 Mason, Robert The Interaction of Mercury and Methylmercury with Reduced Sulfur: Implications for the Transformation of Mercury and Methylmercury in the Environment
McCardell, Grant MS 2008 O’Donnell, James
McCardell, Grant PhD 2012 O’Donnell, James Physical Supplies of Oxygen to the Bottom Waters of Western Long Island Sound
McCart, Sarah MS 2020 Lund, David Assessing the Sea Level Hypothesis with Hydrothermal and Volcanic Ash Records from the East Pacific Rise and Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
McDonald, Sydney MS 2024 Granger, Julie
McGarry, Kelly MS 2022 Siedlecki, Samantha
McGuinness, Mary MS 2022 Vlahos, Penny Examination of Controlling Parameters for Total Alkalinity in Long Island Sound Rivers
McKee, Michael MS 2002 Ward, J. Evan Production of Transparent Exopolymer Particles (Tep) By Select Suspension Feeders
McLeroy, Stacey MS 1997 McManus, George Effect of Copepod Feeding on Ingested Phytoplankton Pigments
McLeroy, Stacey PhD 2002 Roesler, Collin Ecophysiology and optical detection of harmful algal blooms
McNamee, Jason MS 2007 Whitlatch, Robert
Menniti, Christina MS 2021 Whitney, Michael Assessing the Importance of Variability in Oxygen Concentrations and Horizontal Fluxes in Western Long Island Sound
Mercer,Jeffrey MS 2007 Whitlatch,Robert
Milke, Lisa MS 2001 Ward, J. Evan The Influence of Diet On Pre-Ingestive Particle Handling In Two Species Of Bivalved Molluscs: Mytilus edulis And Crassostrea virginica
Miranda, Lilibeth PhD 2009 Lin, Senjie Gene Expression in the Toxic Dinoflagellate, Alexandrium fundyense: Emphasis on Cell Cycle and Growth-Regulatory Genes
Mirhakak, Maryam MS 2021 Dierssen, Heidi
Mladinich Poole, Kayla PhD 2023 Ward, J. Evan Selective Ingestion of Microplastics by Suspension- Feeding Invertebrates: Investigations into Sources, Fate, and Concentrations in Coastal Environments
Modi, John MS 1994 O’Donnell, James
Morata, Nathalie PhD 2008 Renaud, Paul Sedimentary Pigments as Biomarkers of Spatial and Seasonal Variations in Arctic Pelagic-Benthic Coupling
Morton, Eric MS 1998 Bohlen, W. Frank Observations of The Turbidity Maximum In The Connecticut River
Mosca, Kelli MS 2022 Baumann, Hannes Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus) Growth and Habitat Use in the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound
Mottram, Josie MS 2023 Granger, Julie
Mudahy, Annalisa MS 2022 Tobias, Craig Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Water Column Respiration in an Urban Estuary Revealed Using Automated Respiration Chambers
Munoz Barbosa, Albino MS 2008 Visscher, Pieter
Murphy, Quinne MS 2021 Visscher, Pieter The Role of Cyanobacteria in Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Fayetteville Green Lake, New York
Murray, Christopher PhD 2019 Baumann, Hannes An Experimental Evaluation of the Sensitivity of Coastal Marine Fishes to Acidification, Hypoxia, and Warming
Myer, Patricia PhD 2023 Mason, Robert
Natale, John MS 2014 Shumway, Sandra
Ndu, Udonna MS 2008 Mason, Robert
Ndu, Udonna PhD 2011 Mason, Robert The Mechanisms and Pathways of the Uptake of Inorganic Mercury and Methylmercury Species in Escherichia coli: Possible Implications for Mercury Cycling in the Marine Environment
Niesenbaum, Richard MS 1986 Welsh,Barbara The Ecological Significance of Reproductive Sporulation By The Macroalga Ulva lactuca
Ortiz, Veronica MS 2013 Mason, Robert An Examination of Marine Snow as a Pathway for Mercury Uptake in the Blue Mussel Mytilus edulis
Ortman, Brian PhD 2008 Bucklin, Ann DNA Barcoding the Medusozoa and Ctenophora
Palm, Almariet MS 2018 Visscher, Pieter The Dissolution of Diatoms in Marine Microbial Mats
Park, Gihong PhD 2018 Dam, Hans Costs and Benefits of Putatively Anti-Grazing Defenses in the Marine Dinoflagellate Alexandrium catanella
Perry, Rachel MS 2015 Vaudrey, Jamie Nutrient Dynamics of Floating Seagrass Wracks in Greater Florida Bay
Philips, Kimberly MS 1996 Dam, Hans Aspects of Feeding and Fecundity of Two Species of Calanoid Copepods, Temora
Phillips, Ashley MS 2015 Skoog, Annelie A Derivatization Method for Tagging Low-Molecular Weight Organic Acids in Seawater with a Fluorescent Coumarin
Phillips, Brennan MS 2007 Kremer, Patricia Defecation by Salpa thompsoni and its Contribution to Vertical Flux in the Southern Ocean
Pierce, Melissa MS 2016 Ward, J. Evan
Pierce, Melissa PhD 2016 Ward, J. Evan The Microbiome of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791): Temporal and Spatial Variation, Environmental Influences, and its Impact on Host Physiology
Plummer, Patrick MS 2014 Tobias, Craig
Price, Victoria MS 2012 Auster, Peter An Approach For Use of Dual Frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON) to Quantify Behavioral Aspects of Piscivory at Ecologically Relevant Time and Space Scales
Pringle, Julie MS 2018 Baumann, Hannes Sex-Specific Hatch and Growth Patterns in Young-of-the-Year Atlantic Silversides (Menidia menidia, Atherinopsidae) From Mumford Cove, Connecticut
Randolph, Kaylan PhD 2015 Dierssen, Heidi Optical Measurements of Whitecaps and Bubbles During Large Scale Wave Breaking in the Southern Ocean
Raub, Kristin MS 2013 Vlahos, Penny Comparison of Marine Sampling Methods for Organic Contaminants: Passive Samplers, Water Extractions, and Live Oyster Deployments
Raymond, Faith MS 2015 Tobias, Craig
Rear, Laura MS 2002 Codiga, Daniel Observations of Tidal Current and Stratification Profiles on the Continental Shelf Outside Block Island Sound
Reed, Rachel MS 2004 Visscher, Pieter Methane Dynamics Over a Salinity Cycle in a Solar Saltern of Combate, Puerto Rico
Reinhardt, James PhD 2011 Whitlatch,Robert Dispersal, Recruitment and Habitat Invasibility in Shallow Epifaunal Communities of Southern New England
Rivera Lemus,Erick MS 2008 Bohlen,W. Frank Wind waves in central Long Island Sound: A comparison of observations to an analytical expression
Robertson, Robert MS 2000 Cooper, Richard The Abundance and Distribution of Bacterioplankton in the Bottom Waters of Hudson and Block Submarine Canyons
Rogers, Daniel MS 2001 Visscher, Pieter A Mechanism for Biogenic Caco3 Precipitation In Modern Marine Stromatolites
Rollison, Veronica MS 2020 Granger, Julie Sources and Fluxes of Reactive N in a Southern New England River
Rosa, Maria MS 2011 Ward, J. Evan Effects of Particle Surface Properties on Feeding Selectivity in Suspension-Feeding Bivalve Molluscs
Rosa, Maria PHD 2016 Ward, J Evan Mechanisms Of Particle Retention and Selection in Suspension-Feeding Bivalves
Rosenberg, Aaron MS 2016 Edson, James Measuring and Modeling Oceanic Air-Sea Fluxes
Rosetta, Carol MS 2002 McManus, George The Feeding by Ciliates on Two Harmful Algal Bloom Species-Prorocentrum minimum and Prymnesium parvum
Ruffino, Peter MS 2022 Tobias, Craig Tracing the fate of phytoplankton-derived nitrogen: effects of oysters on recycling, denitrification, and burial
Russ, Connie MS 1998 Fitzgerald, William Biogeochemical Cycling of Methylmercury in Two Connecticut Salt Marshes
Russell, Brandon PhD 2016 Dierssen, Heidi Application of a Portable Hyperspectral Imaging System to Field Studies in Animal Camouflage and Coral Reef Symbiosis
Ryan, Sean PhD 2023 Matassa, Catherine Causes and Consequences of Variation in Anti-Herbivore Traits of a Rocky Intertidal Seaweed
Sasaki, Matthew PhD 2020 Dam, Hans Thermal Macrophysiology of the Estuarine Copepod Acartia tonsa: Adaptation Across Spatial and Temporal Temperature Gradients
Schartup, Amina PhD 2012 Mason, Robert The Role of Natural Organic Matter and Sulfur on the Bioavailability of Inorgainc Mercury to Methylating Organisms and to the Fate and Transport of Methylmercury in Coastal Ecosystems
Scheifele, Peter MS 1997 Cooper, Richard Impact of Low-Frequency Anthropogenic Noise on the Auditory System of the Beluga (Delphinapterus Leucas) in the Saint Lawrence River Estuary
Schmidt, Steven MS 2015 Whitney, Michael
Schoener, Donald PhD 2013 McManus, George Inorganic Carbon and Nitrogen Utilization in Mixotrophic Ciliates
Sedgwick-Springer, Lynn MS 1992 Whitlatch, Robert The Effects of the Soli- Tary Ascidian, Styela Claua Herdman, on Larval Settlement and Recruitment, on a New England Epifaunal Community
Seelen, Emily PhD 2018 Mason, Robert A Multi-Estuary Approach to Better Understand the Sources and Fate of Methylmercury within Estuarine Water Columns
Seeley, Emily MS 2016 Lund, David Testing the Sea Level Hypothesis with New Records along the Southern East Pacific Rise and Pacific Antarctic Ridge
Serdikoff, Cynthia MS 2000 Cooper, Richard Population Genetics of Argopecten irradians and Associations Between Allozyme Heterozygosity and Phenotypic Variation in Growth and Respiration Rate
Shin, Youngmi PhD 2019 O’Donnell, James Wind and Wave-Driven Circulation in a Fetch-Limited Coastal Basin: Western Long Island Sound
Shipley, Emma PhD 2023 Vlahos, Penny Environmental Transport of Organic Contaminants Across Global Freshwater and Marine Systems
Shub, Alec MS 2020 Lund, David Deep South Atlantic Watermass Variability During the Last Glacial Cycle: New Stable Isotope Records from the Brazil Margin
Shull, David MS 1992 Whitlatch, Robert Mechanisms of Polychaete Dispersal and Recolonization in an Intertidal Sandflat
Sinsky, Eric MS 2016 Lombardo, Kelly The Impacts of Surface Conditions on Sea Breezes over Coastal Connecticut
Siuda, Amy PhD 2007 Dam, Hans Top-Down Control By Calanoid Copepods In Marine Plankton Communities
Smith, George MS 1995 Welsh, Barbara Copepods and Eutrophication in Long Island Sound
Smith, Susan PhD 2020 McManus, George Evaluating the Morphological, Ecological, and Genomic Lines of Identity in Marine Ciliates
Snyder, Jacob MS 2017 Baumann, Hannes Analysis of a Newly Digitized Long-Term Dataset of Environmental Observations from Long Island Sound
Speers, John MS 2021 O’Donnell, James The Effect of Sea-Level Rise on Flooding Statistics
Sprecher, Brittany PhD 2020 Lin, Senjie Developing a Genetic Transformation Toolkit for Dinoflagellates
St. George, Tiffany MS 2014 Vlahos, Penny
Staniec, Allison PhD 2020 Vlahos, Penny Examining Dissolved Gases in a Changing Climate
Stefaniak, Lauren PhD 2012 Whitlatch, Robert Didemnum vexillum: Identity, Origin, and Life History of an Invasive Ascidian
Steidl, Jill MS 1997 Welsh, Barbara
Sun, Qiang PhD 2019 Whitney, Michael Improving the Treatment of Rivers and Assessing River Influences in the Global Ocean of the Community Earth System Model
Sun, Yin PhD 1998 Torgersen, Thomas Sedimentary Geochemistry of 224 RA
Surgeon, Tonna-Marie MS 1999 Whitlatch, Robert Sulfide as an Environmental Factor and Toxicant in Three zostera marina l. (eelgrass) Beds in Long Island Sound
Svensson, Elisabeth MS 2010 Skoog, Annelie
Tamsett, Alison MS 2010 Auster, Peter Dynamics of Hard Substratum Communities inside and outside of a Fisheries Habitat Closed Area in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (Gulf of Maine, NW Atlantic)
Tang, Kam PhD 2000 Dam, Hans Interaction Between Marine Calanoid Copepods and Dimethylsulfoniopropionate
Thompson, Laura PhD 2014 Romano, Tracy The Combined Influence of Diving Physiology and Stressors on Immune Cell Function in a Deep Diving Monodontid and Three Shallow Diving Phocid Species
Treibergs, Lija MS 2015 Granger, Julie Enzyme Level N and O Isotope Effects of Assimilatory and Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction
Trolley, Graham MS 2023 Dierssen, Heidi Investigating Natural Biofilms on Marine Microplastics and the Implications for Ocean Color Remote Sensing
Unal Yigiterhan, Ebru PhD 2011 Bucklin, Ann Population Genetic Structure and Gene Expression Patterns of the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus in the North Atlantic Ocean
Van Patten, Margaret MS 1992 Yarish, Charles The Allocation of Blade Surface to Reproduction of Laminaria longicruris De De La Pylaie in the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean
Vandal, Grace MS 1988 Fitzgerald, William
Vaudrey, Jamie PhD 2007 Kremer, James Estimating total ecosystem metabolism (TEM) from the oxygen rate of change: A comparison of two Connecticut estuaries
Vieillard, Amanda MS 2017 Tobias, Craig Impacts of New England Oyster Aquaculture on Sediment Nitrogen Cycling: Implications for Nitrogen Removal and Retention
Waldbusser, George MS 2002 Whitlatch, Robert Examining the Effects of Biodiversity on Ecosystem Services Using a Functional Group Approach in a Near Shore Soft Sediment Community
Warren, Joseph K. MS 2017 Vlahos, Penny Development of an In-situ Passive Sampling Device for Munitions Compounds and Sulfate
Watson, Anna MS 2010 Whitlatch, Robert Dynamic Camouflage Patterning in Nassau Grouper, Epinephelus striatus (Bloch 1792)
Werdell, Paul MS 1998 Roesler, Collin Remote Assessment of Benthic Substrate Composition Using Multispectral Reflectance
Wojcicki, Melissa MS 2021 Bucklin, Ann Understanding Deep-Sea Trophic Interactions by Metabarcoding Mesopelagic Fish Diets
Yeh, Heidi MS 2018 Bucklin, Ann Metabarcoding Analysis of Prey Composition of the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus in Regions of the North Atlantic Ocean
Zavell, Max PhD 2024 Baumann, Hannes Experimental Assessment of Ocean Warming and Acidification Effects on Multiple Life Stages of Black Sea Bass, Centropristis striata
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