Month: February 2018

Human, Climate Disturbances and Mercury Levels in the Hudson River

Mercury is a chemical element that is present at dangerously high levels in some of the fish we eat, especially in historically contaminated coastal ecosystems such as the Hudson River. Drs. Robert Mason and Zofia Baumann from UConn’s Avery Point campus are working with the Hudson River Foundation to study the effects of human and climate disturbance on mercury levels in marine organisms that inhabit the Hackensack River system, a sub-estuary of the Hudson River.

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Sampling at Berrys Creek Emily sampling at Berrys Creek

Sampling at Berrys Creek

Photo credit: Emily Seelen (left), Brian DiMento (right)

Hannes Baumann’s NSF research in the spotlight

Dr. Hannes Baumann is Assistant Professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut. Here, he leads the Evolutionary Fish Ecology lab that investigates how fish populations adapt to natural variability in their environment, and how they respond to unfolding changes in acidity, oxygen levels and temperature in our oceans and coastal waters. The research involves experimental, field, and modelling approaches to study these effects with the ultimate goal of understanding the vulnerability and potential for adaptation of coastal fish to the combined consequences of marine climate change.

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Faculty and graduate students volunteer for the 21st annual Quahog Bowl

Faculty and graduate students volunteer for the 21st annual Quahog Bowl.  Faculty and students from the Department of Marine Sciences served as science judges, science graders, and score keepers for the annual Quahog Bowl held on UConn’s Avery Point campus.  Fifteen high-school teams competed in the event which is a regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. The competition was won by Ledyard High School of Connecticut, but all teams had a fun and educational day.

21st annual Quahog Bowl

Photo credit: Judy Benson

From left to right: Matt Sasaki (graduate student), Michael Finiguerra (Assist. Professor), Evan Ward (Professor and Head), Brittany Sprecher (graduate student), and Michelle Fogarty (graduate student).