Storrs vs. Avery Point for Marine Sciences Students


When applying to UConn, for any major, there is only one application for UConn regardless of the campus you want to attend ( where you can indicate your campus of choice.  The New England Regional Student Program permits qualified residents of the New England states (outside Connecticut) to pursue the Marine Sciences degree at a reduced out-of-state tuition.  For more information about this program is available at

The benefit of the Marine Sciences major is that you do have a choice.  You can complete your entire course of study at the Avery Point campus of UConn, or you may select the Storrs campus and attend for up to two years.  By the end of your sophomore year, much of the curriculum is taught primarily or exclusively at the Avery Point campus, though some lectures are available at both Storrs and Avery Point through fully interactive voice and video.

Most students choose the 4-year Avery Point route.  If you choose to attend Avery Point for all four years, you can benefit from the small campus setting immediately.  You will get to know upperclassmen in the Marine Sciences major, interact with the Marine Sciences faculty and be exposed to opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.  Most classes at Avery Point have less than 40 students with the average class size being 22 to 25 students, so the Marine Sciences faculty really get to know the students.

The Avery Point campus also tends to draw students who thrive in a quieter, small campus by the sea. The Avery Point campus does not have residence halls, but students are encouraged to use the off campus housing website:   Students can take courses at Storrs even if they are enrolled at Avery Point, but will need to provide their own transportation to Storrs.

The Storrs campus tends to appeal to students who want the big bustling large university experience.  Some students really desire to attend a large campus and experience living in dorms.  The Storrs campus is approximately 42 miles from Avery Point (~ 1hr 10min commute) and while it is possible to remain at Storrs throughout, most students choose to make Avery Point their primary campus for Junior and Senior years.  While at Storrs you will be advised by a Marine Sciences faculty member.

Both the 4-year Avery Point, and the 2-year Storrs: 2-year Avery Point routes are equally feasible.  It’s truly a personal choice and it is encouraged that you visit both campuses and see with campus is the “best fit” for you.

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