We would love to welcome you!

International students and visiting scholars are vital members of the UConn Marine Sciences community and are cordially welcome. They contribute to the cultural diversity, academic excellence, and research innovation of the department. The department is committed to providing assistance and resources needed to make their application, transition and experience as smooth as possible. This webpage is designed to navigate foreign students and scholars through the resources available at the university.

Gather more information about applying to the Graduate Program

Applicants are highly encouraged to contact the faculty member whom you would like to be your advisor. Have a look at DMS faculty profiles.

For academic requirements for graduate degrees, which apply to all graduate students, you should check out the DMS Student Handbook.

Teaching Assistants are required to pass an English Proficiency test.

For English language support, check out the Language Support and Services

Various resources and services to foreign students regarding legal and regulation issues (e.g. social security number, driver license, health insurance, travel, etc.) are available through International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS).

It is normal for international students and visiting scholars to feel cultural differences or “shock,” but resources are available to ease your adjustment to the new environment.
Visit the ISSS website for information.
ISSS holds orientation for new international students.

Join activities with fellow students to experience the dynamic campus life can help you transition more quickly; learn more about the Campus life at Marine Sciences.

To connect with fellow international students and scholars of similar cultural or linguistic backgrounds and other graduate students, UConn offers a variety of peer buddy and mentoring programs and cultural centers.