Related Area Social Science Courses

(Other courses are available. This list is to provide an example of the variety of courses available.)

Coastal Economic Development

ARE 4462: Environmental Resource Economics
Students will explore natural resource use and environmental quality analysis using economic theory and review empirical research and relevant policy issues.

ECON 2467: Economics of the Ocean
Students will study industries that use and manage ocean resources.  The course also examines industrial organization, law and economics, natural resource theory and environmental economics.

ARE 3436: Economics of Integrated Coastal Management
This course explores the theory and practice of integrated coastal management (ICM); introduces major concepts, processes, tools and methods of ICM; and analyzes United States and international experiences with ICM.

Coastal Environmental Policy

ARE 3434:  Environmental & Resource Policy
This class explores the economic and policy aspects of natural resource use and environmental quality issues.

ARE 4464: Benefit Cost Analysis & Resource Management
Students will study the theoretical foundations and application of benefit-cost analysis in project appraisal and in evaluation of public policies regarding resource management and environmental protection.

GEOG 3320W:  Environmental Evaluation & Assessment
This course covers concepts and methods of environmental analysis in contemporary geography. Emphasis is placed on the ecological impact of human activities and on the evaluation and assessment of existing and future environments.

GEOG 4110W:  Regional Development and Policy
Students will study theory and practice in regional development and planning. Emphasis will be placed on evaluating regional problems and the public policies designed to resolve them, with a primary focus on the United States.

ARE 3437: Marine Fisheries Economics & Policy
This course explores the various natural, human and management components of the fishery system and presents the application of economic and policy analysis for the optimal allocation of resources to a fishery.

Coastal Law and Regulation

NRE 3245:  Environmental Law
This class is designed as an overview of environmental law including the common law practices of nuisance, negligence, and trespass. Students will become acquainted with legal research techniques. Emphasis will be on federal, state, and municipal programs addressing clear air, clean water, hazardous waste, inland wetlands, coastal zone management, and prime agricultural farm land and aquifer protection.

NRE 3105:  Wetlands Biology & Conservation
Students will survey principal wetland habitats of North America and review the relationship of wildlife associations to biological and physical features of wetlands. Emphasis is placed on issues relating to wetlands conservation and management.

GEOG 3330W: Environmental Restoration
This courses focuses on the transformations of the North American environment; the effects of human practices and policies; the varying ideas about nature across cultures and time periods and the rise of environmental movements.

POLS 3832: Maritime Law
This course focuses on international and domestic legal concepts concerning jurisdiction in a maritime setting.

Coastal Issues

GEOG 3410:  Human Modification of Natural Environment
Students will review a geographical and historical interpretation of the changing relationships between culture and environment. There is an emphasis on the modification of the biophysical environment by pre-agricultural, agricultural and urban societies in Europe, southwest Asia, and North America.

GEOG 3340:  Environmental Planning & Management
The basic elements of conflict between human environments and natural systems are considered, along with the methods of analysis and resolution of problems caused by that conflict. There is an emphasis on public policy related to environmental issues.

HIST 3540: American Environmental History
Students will study the transformations of the North American environment, the effects of human practices and policies, the varying ideas about nature across cultures and time periods, and the rise of environmental movements.