Seminar Series – Spring 2016

Date Name Institution Title
January 29 Heather Ford LDEO – Columbia University A climate revolution: gradual and abrupt changes during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
February 5 Jim Carlton Williams College CANCELED – Coming to America: Tsunamigenic Megarafting and the Long-Distance Transoceanic Disperal of Coastal Marine Organisms
February 12 Sofi Jonsson UConn Marine Sciences How different geochemical pools of mercury control future methylmercury levels in estuarine ecosystems
February 19 Richard McBride NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center The capital-income breeding continuum in fishes
February 26 Sebastian Eastham Harvard University Geoengineering 101
March 4 Cara Manning Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution What can oxygen and noble gases teach us about the ocean carbon pumps?
March 11 Molly Cummings University of Texas Hiding and Communicating with Polarized light-insights from open ocean and freshwater fish
March 18 no seminar
March 25 no seminar
April 1 Colleen Hansel Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Beyond the light: The biological production and biogeochemical impacts of dark reactive oxygen species in the ocean
April 8 Piero Calosi University of Quebec at Rimouski Acclimation, adaptation and sensitivity to global change in marine invertebrates
April 15 Karen Kidd University of New Brunswick What happens in an aquatic food web when you put fish on the birth control pill?
April 22 Melissa McKinney UConn Natural Resources and the Environment Marine mammal feeding ecology and pollutant exposures in a changing Arctic
April 29 Michael French Stony Brook University Observations of Supercells and Tornadoes Using Emerging Radar Technologies

Seminars are held on Friday mornings at 11:00 am in

Room 103 of the Marine Sciences Building at the Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT