Seminar Series – Fall 2015

Date Name  Institution Title
September 18 Simon Thorrold Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Towards a predictive understanding of connectivity in ocean ecosystems
September 25 Heidi Dierssen UConn Marine Sciences How Green is “Blue Carbon”?:  Optics and Carbon Dynamics in Seagrass Ecosystems
October 2 Adam Sobel Columbia University Dynamics of the Madden-Julian Oscillation
October 9 Thomas Kiørboe Technical University of Denmark A trait based approach to zooplankton ecology
October 16 Ramón Filgueira Dalhousie University Ecosystem modelling for ecosystem-based management of aquaculture sites
October 23 Joerg Graf UConn Molecular & Cell Biology Insights into the Composition and Function of Microbial Communities through Next-Generation Sequencing
October 30 Deborah Robertson  Clark University Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Nitrogen Assimilation in Marine Diatoms
November 6 Nils Volkenborn Stony Brook University Explorations beneath the surface: How burrowing organisms affect the function of the seafloor
November 13 Piero Mazzini Rutgers University Impact of river runoff in the coastal ocean: A glider perspective
November 20 Shungu Garaba UConn Marine Sciences Ocean Colour Remote Sensing – Towards remote sensing of plastic debris
November 27 no seminar
December 4 Raffaele Ferrari Massachusetts Institute of Technology cancelled
December 11 Oliver Zielinski ICBM University of Oldenberg UV-sensing of dissolved substances along gradients in the marine environment
Seminars are held on Friday mornings at 11:00 am in
Room 103 of the Marine Sciences Building at the Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT