Seminar Series – Spring 2015

Date Name Title (click for abstract)
January 30 Robert Kopp, Rutgers University Uncertainties and risks of regional sea-level change: Past, present and future
February 6 Baylor Fox-Kemper, Brown University The role of the ocean surface–and its dynamics–in climate
February 13 Matthew Kumjian, Pennsylvania State University Polarimetric Radar Observations of Northeastern U.S. Winter Storms
February 20 Kristina Wagstrom, UConn Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Providing insight into relationships between air pollutant exposure and emissions using advanced modeling approaches
February 27 Qianqian Liu, University of Rhode Island Seasonal Variability of the Block Island Sound Estuarine Plume
March 6 Daniel Madigan, Stony Brook University Modeling mercury dynamics in the ocean’s highest mercury fish
March 13 Joaquim Goes, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University Shrinking snow caps and rising tides: the response of the Arabian Sea ecosystem to recent climatic trends
March 20 Marina Astitha, UConn Civil and Environmental Engineering Atmospheric composition and dynamics: aerosol influence on cloud/precipitation formation and prediction of extreme weather events
March 27 Steven Lohrenz, UMass Dartmouth Assessing impacts of climate and land use change on terrestrial-ocean fluxes of carbon and nutrients and their cycling in a river-dominated coastal ecosystem
April 3 no seminar
April 10 Heidi Fuchs, Rutgers University Sensing mechanisms and ecological consequences of flow-induced larval behavior
April 17 Raffaele Ferrari, MIT An Ocean Tale of Two Climates: Modern and Last Glacial Maximum
April 24 Katja Fennel, Dalhousie University Predicting hypoxia in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Results from model sensitivity and intercomparison studies
May 1 Lisa Park Boush, UConn Integrative Geosciences A 6,000 Year Climate Change and Hurricane Record from the Bahamas-Implications for Climate and Humans, Past and Present
May 8 David Conover, Stony Brook University Crisis in the Funding of Basic Research in the Ocean Sciences: An Inside Perspective on NSF and the Role of the Community
May 15 Dr. James Yoder, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Producing a Decadal Plan for NSF’s Division of Ocean Sciences, and Its Implications