Zhuomin Chen

(Ph.D., Rutgers) Research Scientist of Marine Sciences

I am a female oceanographer with a diverse interdisciplinary background, encompassing expertise in physical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, ecology, and earth system modeling.

My research interests include:

  • Coastal ocean processes, including marine extremes and oceanic eddies (e.g., Gulf Stream eddies);
  • Linkages between coastal ocean and large-scale climate and ocean processes (e.g., the Gulf Stream);
  • Seasonal-to-decadal prediction and predictability of driver variables relevant to marine ecosystems;
  • Climate impacts on habitat shifts of diverse marine species (e.g., economically important fisheries).

My Education and Research Experience

2021-now: Research Scientist in Physical & Biogeochemical Oceanography

2018-2021: Guest Student/Postdoc Fellow/Postdoc Investigator in Physical Oceanography

2013-2018: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physical Oceanography

2009-2013: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with honors in Marine Science

  • Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China

More on my personal website: https://zchenocean.github.io/

Zhuomin Chen
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