Leonel Romero

(Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography) Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences

My research combines field observations and numerical modeling to study air-sea interaction, upper-ocean processes, ocean waves, and coastal processes. My main objectives are to improve understanding of wave-current interactions and their impacts on surface wave breaking, air-sea fluxes, and applications. Other research interests include the transport and dispersion of tracers near the ocean surface and the underlying driving processes such as winds, waves, fronts, eddies, and Langmuir circulation.

Courses Taught

MARN 5064 – Air-Sea Interaction (offered every other spring semester)

Three credits. Processes controlling the exchange of momentum, heat, and mass across the air-sea interface. Topics include atmospheric and oceanic stratification, wind-wave-current interaction, wave breaking, bubble generation, heat budgets, flux parameterizations, and instrumentation.

MARN 3001 – Foundations of Marine Sciences (offered every fall semester)

Four credits. Physical, biological, chemical, and geological structure and function of coastal marine systems, with a special focus on field observations in three important coastal habitats: beaches, marshes, and estuaries.

Research Projects

Modulation of Bubble Mediated Gas Transfer due to Wave-Current Interactions (PI: Romero) – National Science Foundation


Bernard Akaawase – Ph.D. Student

Posdoctoral Scholars

Youngmi Shin

Leonel Romero
Contact Information
Phone(860) 405 9256
Fax(860) 405-9153
Office LocationLowell Weicker Building (LWB) 189, Lab 142
CoursesMARN 5064 Air-Sea Interaction, MARN 3001 Foundations of Marine Sciences