Help: Adding Calendar Entries

Adding Entry Once the information is filled in select submit in order for your request to be processed.
Description: This should be the complete details of the event. This information can be seen when a user views the event.
Date: Specifies the date of the event.
Time: Specifies the time of the event.
Select either “Timed event” (for an event that is scheduled for a specific time on that day), “Untimed event” (for an event this does not have a time, like a holiday), or “All day event” (for an event that takes all day, like being out of the office).
Duration: Specifies the duration (in hours:minutes) of the event.
This field can be left blank.
Priority: Specifies the priority of the event.
Access: Specifies the access level of the event.
Participants: Lists the participants of this entry.
Repeat Type: Select how often the event should repeat. Monthly (by day) allows an event to repeat on the 1st Monday of the month, 3rd Thursday of the month, etc. Monthly (by date) allows an event to repeat on the same date of the month.
Repeat End Date: Specifies the date the event should repeat until.
Repeat Day: Specifies which days of the week the event should repeat on. This is for use only when Repeat Type is set to Weekly.
Frequency: Specifies how often the event should repeat. The default 1 indicates it should occur every time. Specifying 2 will make the event occur every other week (if Repeat Type is set to Weekly), every other month (if Repeat Type is set to Monthly), etc.