Cruise Plan Form

Please read the following documents before proceeding:

R/V Connecticut Cruise Plan

  • Cruise Information

  • Departure Details

  • The vessel is normally available for loading between 1300 and 1530 the day prior to departure. If you need more time please notify marine ops office in advance, There may be additional cost involved. Please list the weight of the heaviest item and total deck payload.
  • Return Details

  • Shipboard Equipment Needed

  • Check all applicable Boxes:
  • Other Requirements

  • Scientific Crew List

  • Please list all scientific personnel on your cruise. Due to number of berths available maximum number of persons is 7 for 24 hr cruises and 30 for day trips. Please confirm this number with marine operations office. Please enter the crewlist in this format:
  • Last name, firstname; Institution; Position (Chief scientist, scientist, student etc.); Emergency contact name; emergency contact number
  • For example: Smith, Joseph; UCONN; Student; Jane Smith; 18605551212
  • Please list the number of vegetarian passengers and any other special diet requirements.