Seminar Series – Fall 2017

Date Name Institution Title
September 15 Molly Jacobs Project Oceanology The role of behavior in metamorphosis: lessons from lobsters and crabs
September 22 Noah Reid UConn Department of Molecular and Cell Biology The genomics of adaptation in killifishes (Fundulus)
September 29 Colleen Mouw University of Rhode Island Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Composition
October 6 Nick Fisher Stony Brook University Public Perceptions of Fukushima
October 13 William Fitzgerald Symposium
October 20 Christina Schultz Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Modeling Antarctic Biogeochemistry
October 27 Janet Nye Stony Brook University Climate Change and NE US Shelf Ecology
November 3 Casey Dunn Yale University Siphonophores Comparative Genomics
November 10 Annette Frese Govindarajan Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Ecology of the Clinging Jellyfish
November 17 Yvette Eley UConn Center for Integrative Geosciences Paleoenvironment Reconstruction
November 24 Thanksgiving Break
December 1 Zofia Baumann UConn Marine Sciences Radioisotopes Applications
December 8 James Lindholm California State University Ecological Effects of Trawling


Seminars are held on Friday mornings at 11:00 am in
Room 103 of the Marine Sciences Building at the Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT.

Please email if you have any questions.