Travel Information

Departmental Travel Policy & Procedures


Step 1:  As before, the Travel Request Form submission required by the Marine Sciences Department is located at where the link is found at the bottom right of the page or through the direct link to the form:


This form asks for the same information as the previous “Travel Approval Form”.  This form is required prior to travel to review funding sources.   Individuals who incur travel expenses without the approval of their departments bear the risk that their expenses will not be reimbursed upon return.


Step 2:  A Travel WebForm PreTrip will be initiated by Janet Laflamme based on the information submitted to the department site.  PreTrip submission is absolutely necessary for Bradley Parking Passes, Advances, and Foreign Travel Insurance Enrollment for faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Graduate and undergraduate students must obtain Education Abroad Approval ID for Foreign travel. This MUST be done more than 21 days in advance. There is a registration fee of $25 each time you travel. Graduate student insurance costs are covered by UConn and undergraduates must pay the insurance fees. This is the link to get the Ed Abroad ID number:  This ID must be sent to Janet or Liz.


Step 3: You will receive notifications by email from the Travel WebForm to alert you that a WebForm has been initiated for you.  This will include the WebForm #.

  • The WebForm # is the replacement for the TA#-required with KFS# for reserving airfare, rail, car rental, or hotel on Sanditz.
    • If you plan to purchase your own airline tickets you will have to follow new procedures. Please see #3 below in the significant changes to UConn Travel Policy FY16.
    • Hotel reservations on Sanditz are highly encouraged. Advances are no longer given towards this expense.
    • Enterprise rentals through Sanditz will now be charged directly to Travel Office Procard. Advances are no longer given towards this expense.
  • You will receive notifications by email asking for electronic signatures for advances and to finalize the PostTrip WebForm. Proceed to the WebForm, verify the information, and submit the signature. Note: These forms will sit in limbo until you electronically sign and submit once you have received the email.
  • You can go directly to the Travel WebForm link and the Sanditz link on the Travel Office home page.


Step 4:  After travel is complete, bring all documentation of expenses (bills, receipts, credit card statements) to Janet Laflamme for PostTrip submission and Disbursement Voucher Submission.


Check your email for notifications for electronic signatures.


UConn Travel Policy FY18

  1. Elimination of the Travel Authorization process. Advance approval for travel will only be required of international travelers, travelers who require a travel advance, and travelers who require a Bradley Airport parking pass.  These travelers will complete a streamlined web form available through the Travel Services website.  All travelers will be responsible to ensure funding is secured prior to travelling.
  • The Marine Sciences Department is requiring a Travel Request Form to be submitted prior to travel to review funding sources. A PreTrip Webform will be initiated for you based on your information in the Travel Request.
  1. Consistent with the practices of other state agencies, receipts will no longer be required for reimbursement of expenditures of $25 and below. $25 is the maximum per reimbursement request.  If you have 4 taxi trips at $10 each you will need the receipts to be reimbursed $40.
  2. Changes to policies on air travel such as: (i) provisions requiring travelers who do not use the University’s preferred, contracted vendor for air travel (currently Sanditz) is to submit a list of comparable flights offered by Sanditz, establishing that the airfare is reasonably in line with Sanditz offerings; and (ii) provisions allowing for business class travel on international flights with at least one continuous segment of 8 hours or more (noting, however, that all business class travel must be booked through Sanditz). If you don’t provide a comparison from the date of airfare purchase, one will be found on Sanditz while processing reimbursement and this amount will be the maximum airfare reimbursement.
  3. Agendas or conference brochures are no longer required for conferences indicating whether meals were provided. Employees must inform submitter of all meals that were provided by conference or hotel.
  4. Changes to policies on vehicle rental such as: (i) provisions allowing for direct payment of rental car expenses through Sanditz; and (ii) provisions allowing for payment of charges for GPS and roadside assistance. This will eliminate the need for advances towards rental car costs. Add-ons are not reimbursable (examples: fuel service option, GPS, additional insurance, roadside assistance). Please check your contract before signing.
  5. The hotel maximum will be raised from 125% to 150% of the federal GSA rate for the destination city. Hotels will also be able to be reserved and paid for through Sanditz.  A private credit card will need to be added to your Sanditz profile to hold hotel rooms.  The personal card will be used for parking fees, room service, and other incidentals.  This will eliminate the need for advances to be provided for hotel costs.
  6. The business meal maximum will be raised from two times the federal per diem rate to three times the federal per diem rate, and the 2-hour minimum requirement for business meals will be eliminated.
  7. Uncollected travel advances may be recovered from the traveler’s department.
  8. International travelers may be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses associated with prescriptions, vaccinations, or other medical expenses related to the trip.
  9. Only eligible expenses for Travel Advances: Mileage, Per diem, Secondary Transport, Rental Car Fuel, Other expenses.
  10. Travelers should use the most reasonable and cost effective mode of travel to airports. Except in cases where a traveler provides a written explanation of special circumstances, travelers must use a personal vehicle to travel to and from the airport of departure.
  11. Students on payroll are eligible to receive Bradley Parking Permits provided that the business travel is related to their employment.


OVPR and AAUP Faculty Travel Funds Request link