About the Center

The Northeast Underwater Research, Technology and Education Center (NURTEC) was woven into the University of Connecticut’s Marine Science fabric for 34 years.  As part of the vibrant research core of UConn’s Marine Science Enterprise that also comprises the Marine Science Department, Connecticut Sea Grant and the Marine Science and Technology Center, NURTEC conducted and supported underwater research locally, nationally and internationally.  As such the Center served as an ambassador for the excellence that is UConn research.  Examples of the Center’s reach in recent years include:

  • Mapping the local waters of Long Island Sound with federal, state and academic partners (more info)
  • Documenting deep sea communities on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico (Expedition website)
  • Exploring the deep canyons lying off the eastern seaboard (Expedition website)
  • Advising the United Nations on International High Seas Biodiversity
  • Supporting photography of deep seamounts off the coast of Costa Rica that appeared in the National Geographic magazine.