Annette Frese Govindarajan

I am a biological oceanographer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ( Before heading to MIT/WHOI for my Ph.D. and subsequent research positions, I received my B.S. (Biology, Honors Program) from UConn at Storrs. I continued at UConn for my M.S. in Oceanography with Prof. Robert Whitlatch (Marine Sciences) as my advisor. I have continued my ties to UConn Marine Sciences through ongoing collaborations with Prof. Ann Bucklin.

I use molecular approaches to study the ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates. I have a special focus on hydrozoans, but I work on a variety of other invertebrate animals including barnacles, bivalves, and salps. I develop and apply new genomic methods to assess marine biodiversity and population structure, and robotic methods for sampling. My current projects include:

  • Origin, genetic structure, and ecology of the clinging jellyfish Gonionemus
  • Development and use of metabarcoding methods for marine biodiversity assessments and invasive species monitoring
  • Development and use of AUV sampling methods including “SUPR REMUS” in coastal waters and “Mesobot” for the mesopelagic (twilight) zone