The Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut announces competition for the 2022-2023 Bucklin Scholars Program. This honorific postdoctoral fellowship provides opportunities for outstanding marine scientists to work in the field of their choice in collaboration with members of the Marine Sciences Department, and to gain teaching experience. The Bucklin Scholars Program is aimed at alleviating barriers to participation and promoting opportunities for individuals from groups that have been historically underrepresented in Oceanography and Marine Sciences, specifically targeting American nationals. The program is named in honor of Professor Ann Bucklin who worked successfully as Head to promote gender equity in the Department. We seek to attract new and diverse scholars to UConn Marine Sciences and provide mentoring to enhance the Scholars’ research, teaching, and professional development portfolios for future academic positions. The scholar will be appointed in the rank of Assistant Research Professor and has the ability to submit proposals. One Bucklin Scholar is appointed annually. Applicants must have earned a Ph.D. at the time of the start of the fellowship, but not more than five years before.

Applicable areas of research include

Coastal processes • Benthic Ecology • Biogeochemical Modeling • Biological Oceanography • Chemical Oceanography • Fish ecology • Geobiology • Marine Biology • Marine Microbial Ecology • Marine Pollution • Ocean Biogeochemistry • Ocean Modeling • Paleoclimatology • Physical Oceanography • Offshore Environmental Research • Plankton Ecology • Polar Oceanography • Satellite Oceanography • Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry

Prof. Ann Bucklin on the Norwegian vessel 'GO Sars' in June 2013

The position can involve teaching the equivalent to 1 course per year or be completely research-based depending on the candidate’s application and mentor(s) support. Interested parties must first contact one or more faculty member(s) in the Department of Marines Sciences at UConn to discuss potential synergies and seek sponsorship of at least one faculty member (see list of faculty and their interests). Applicants will then be asked to submit (A) a sponsorship letter by one or more tenure-track faculty member(s) in the UConn Department of Marine Sciences, (B) a cover letter that includes a personal statement addressing how the Bucklin Scholars Program will help the awardee achieve professional goals, and that includes how the objectives of the Bucklin Scholars Program are met, (C) a curriculum vitae that includes a publication list, (D) a one-page research proposal. If expecting to teach, include a one-page teaching statement with your research proposal file, and (E) the names and contact information of three referees familiar with your work.

The Bucklin Scholar Program provides a competitive annual salary for research and teaching ($65,000). Travel to meetings and research support will be guaranteed by the sponsoring faculty mentor(s). The Department will provide selected brownbag seminars geared toward new investigators which may include proposal writing, giving scientific talks, preparing materials including the research and teaching statements for job applications, and quality of life aspects including work-life balance. The scholar will also be encouraged to attend outside workshops offered by professional societies relevant to new investigator. Initial awards are for one year with the possibility of renewal depending upon satisfactory performance, at the rank of Assistant Research Professor. The scholar has the ability to submit extramurally funded research proposals. A preferred starting date is August 26, 2022.